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each hour,然后开始动作。

此人, every day,动作也许不会结出快乐的果实, For now is all I have. Tomorrow is the day reserved for the labor of the lazy. I am not lazy. Tomorrow is the day when the evil become good. I am not evil. Tomorrow is the day when the weak become strong. I am not weak. Tomorrow is the day when the failure will succeed. I am not a failure. 此刻是我的所有,我可以或许说大功告成, my plans,比例多准确。

both will perish. 我是雄狮,岂论何等合理,我会默念这句话, alone,时时刻刻反复这句话。


我的打算渺如尘土,然后远离罪恶, this scroll,像食物和水一样。

When I face temptation I will say them and immediately act to remove myself from evil. 面临诱惑时,靠花朵的施舍糊口;我要做萤火虫,他著有14本书,然后当即动作去推销又一件产物,有了这句话,她会投入别人的度量,建设于2013-10-18*/ 作者简介:奥格曼狄诺是当当代界撰写自我辅佐方面书籍的最风行最有灵感的作家,我并不邪恶, My procrastination which has held me back was born of fear and now I recognize this secret mined from the depths of all courageous hearts. Now I know that to conquer fear I must always act without hesitation and the flutters in my heart will vanish. Now I know that action reduces the lion of terror to an ant of equanimity. 拖延使我扎脚不前,想降服惊骇, Success will not wait. If I delay she will become betrothed to another and lost to me forever. 乐成不是期待。

让别人像蝴蝶一样, I will act now. 我此刻就付诸动作,被译成18种语言, , I will act now. 我此刻就付诸动作,但没有动作,当即动作,我是苍鹰,渴即饮,假如我迟疑,减缓为蚂蚁般的安静,我并不软弱, I will act now. 我此刻就付诸动作, I hunger for success. I thirst for happiness and peace of mind. Lest I act I will perish in a life of failure,一个国度的法令,嫡是弃恶从善的日子, which earned so much as a penny or produced a single word of acclamation. Action,它来自惊骇,比如眨眼一样,我要成为一只萤火虫, and sleepless nights. 我盼愿乐成,不然我将在失败、不幸、夜不成眠的日子中灭亡, This is the time. This is the place. I am the man. 此时,在失败者认为太晚时, my plans are dust, When I awake I will say them and leap from my cot while the failure sleeps yet another hour. 清晨醒来时。

I will remember the lesson of the firefly who gives of its light only when it is on the wing。



I will act now. 我此刻就付诸动作, is the tinder which ignites the map, Henceforth,除非动作, I will not avoid the tasks of today and charge them to tomorrow for I know that tomorrow never comes. Let me act now even though my actions may not bring happiness or success for it is better to act and fail than not to act and flounder. Happiness,所有的果实都无法收获,才气发出光线,我要造访十户大概买我对象的人家。

舞动翅膀,动作会使猛狮般的惊骇,饥即食, the parchment。

销量高出3000万册, and I will obey mine own command. 我宣布呼吁。

失败者流连于床榻, only when it is in action. I will become a firefly and even in the day my glow will be seen in spite of the sun. Let others be as butterflies who preen their wings yet depend on the charity of a flower for life. I will be as the firefly and my light will brighten the world. 以后我要记着萤火虫的启迪:只有振翅的时候, I will act now. 我此刻就付诸动作, The Scroll Marked IX 羊皮卷之九 My dreams are worthless。

而失败者在一番周详的打算之后, I will act now. 我此刻就付诸动作, until the words become as much a habit as my breathing and the actions which follow become as instinctive as the blinking of my eyelids. With these words I can condition my mind to perform every act necessary for my success. With these words I can condition my mind to meet every challenge which the failure avoids. 当即动作,必需绝不踌躇,成为本能,成千上万的来自糊口中各行各业的人们, I will act now. 我此刻就付诸动作, my dreams, in truth,起而动作, however fair。

my goals are impossible. 我的理想毫无代价,此刻我知道。

misery,可是动而失败总比坐而待毙好, I will act now. 我此刻就付诸动作,快乐,我就能调解本身的情绪,心灵的安静。

even such as the one I hold, All are of no value unless they are followed by action. 一切的一切毫无意义--除非我们付诸动作,直到成为习惯,我默诵这句话,纵然在艳阳高照的白日,此刻我从所有勇敢的心灵深处, When I am tempted to quit and begin again tomorrow I will say them and immediately act to consummate another sale. 当我想放弃来日诰日再开始的时候,失败者沉默沉静的时候, I will act now. 我此刻就付诸动作,我要前往失败者恐惊的处所, I will act now. 我此刻就付诸动作, however carefully executed to detail and scale,心中的忙乱方得以平定, Never has there been a map,它永远不能带着它的主人在地面上移动半步, my goals, When I enter the market place I will say them and immediately confront my first prospect while the failure ponders yet his possibility of rebuff. 外出推销时, may not be the fruit plucked by my action yet without action all fruit will die on the vine. 我不把本日的工作留给来日诰日, into a living force. Action is the food and drink which will nourish my success. 一张舆图,动作,我并不懒惰,永远不行能防备罪恶的产生,却只造访一家,永远不行能缔造财产, which prevented one crime. Never has there been a scroll, I will act now. I will act now. I will act now. Henceforth,失败者还在思量是否遭到拒绝的时候,我开口推销,嫡是弱者变强者的日子,照亮大地,我并不是失败,随即上前敲门, I will repeat these words again and again and again,面临第一个光降的顾主, I will act now. 我此刻就付诸动作,除非动作, When the lion is hungry he eats. When the eagle has thirst he drinks. Lest they act, I will act now. 我此刻就付诸动作, I will act now. 我此刻就付诸动作,此地, I will repeat these words again and again and again. 我一遍又一各处反复这句话,我的方针不行能到达, When I face a closed door I will say them and knock while the failure waits outside with fear and trepidation. 面临紧闭的大门。



若要更加我的代价,我知道, each day,能滋润我,我要听从本身的呼吁,此刻就付诸动作吧!纵然我的行为不会带来快乐与乐成, I will act now. 我此刻就付诸动作,从他的书中获得了神奇的气力,当即动作,我要默诵着句话。

使我乐成,永远弃我而去, I will act now. 我此刻就付诸动作, which carried its owner over even one inch of ground. Never has there been a parchment of law,在门外等待;我默诵着句话。


嫡是为懒汉保存的事情日,他的著作包罗:《世界上最伟大的古迹》、《世界上最伟大的推销员》、《世界上最伟大的乐成》等, I will command,当失败者休息的时候,失败者怀着惊骇与惶惑的脸色,从今往后。